Why do we photograph weddings?

We love photographing weddings because:

We remember the intensity of first falling in love with each other, at Hereford Art College back in 1993.

We remember the excitement felt not just by us but also by our families and friends when we got engaged.

We remember the thrill we got when we saw each other for the first time on our wedding day.

We remember the joy we felt seeing the confetti caught by the breeze just after we got married.

We remember how much fun we had partying into the night with our friends and family.

We photograph weddings because we believe in creating beautiful images of people in love, pictures that tell the story of their wedding day. We love the powerful emotions you feel all around at the exchange of vows during the marriage ceremony, when everyone is singing in the church, laughing outside with the confetti or holding back the tears during the speeches. We love all these things because it reminds us of our own marriage and commitment to each other.

We believe that the best photographs capture emotion, excitement and expression and that the way to photograph a wedding is politely, with a friendly and unobtrusive manner. We believe that people should feel comfortable enough with their photographers to relax and be themselves in front of the cameras, whether they are camera shy or camera show offs. We believe in being a part of the wedding day but not taking it over just for the sake of a few photos. We believe in creating photographs that our couples will treasure for a lifetime.

If you agree with us and would like to find out more about our photography service, check our availability or to request a quote call us on 01568 709 175.

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